Shipping Software

Clippership / BluJay Parcel

Clippership, AKA BluJay Parcel, is one of the most widely deployed and recognized shipping solutions on the market today. This powerful PC-based solution enables organizations to ship with multiple carriers from one application... read more

Enterprise Shipping Software

If you're thinking about purchasing a multi-carrier shipping system for your enterprise, then there are a few basic things to consider... read more


TruckDocs® was designed with the busy freight shipper in mind. This multi-user, network friendly software enables users to rate-shop freight carriers, print Straight and VICS Bills of Lading, ensure customer routing compliance, print PRO number labels, transmit Electronic BOL's... read more

Complimentary Software

IN-KCS Mail™ - Edition

Finally, a hassle free way to ship USPS® packages through your Clippership system. IN-KCS Mail™SE uses cutting edge internet technology to blend® web services... read more

IN-KCS Mail™ - Endicia Edition

With IN-KCS Mail™EE, ALL of your domestic addresses will be validated in Clippership just prior to rating the transaction. Suggested address corrections may be displayed to the end user and updated in Clippership as needed. Addresses deemed as Residential will... read more


ShipInquest offers a unique hands-free approach to package tracking. Each evening, ShipInquest will automatically launch at a predetermined time, track applicable shipments, and then... read more


ShipServ is a web based pre-shipping application that can be launched from any web browser on your company intranet. To begin the shipping process, simply enter a recipient address, choose a ship method & print a... read more


WinServ is an extremely powerful database search engine that enables users to merge multiple Clippership history files spanning over days, weeks or even months! Search results are displayed... read more

Custom Modules

Rate Server

Obtain shipping rates BEFORE the package is shipped!

Our Clippership Rate Server enables users to obtain published or discounted rates for any configured carrier and their supported service levels. This powerful rating tool is available to a wide variety of applications, such as order management systems, online stores, customer service individuals & more...

Contact our support team for more details.

Requires the following:

  • One Clippership user license seat (see system specifications here)
  • Kewill.Integrate (version 2x or greater)
  • Connection to a data source (e.g. ODBC, TCP client/server, flat file, etc.)
  • Rate Server must remain logged ON at all times to run the Clippership application (does not run as a service)
  • Our Rate Server Module

Bookmaster for Publishing and Distribution


We have built several products around our BookMaster interface to enhance shipment processing with our multi-carrier shipping products and to offer BookMaster users a range of solutions to enhance product delivery to their customers. This document provides a brief description of each companion product we offer with BookMaster integration.

  • Pick / Pack Verification Module
  • Packing Bench Processing
  • Full Carton Pick / Bulk Order Processing
  • ASN Support - Pallet Processing and Labeling
  • Rate Server (Black Box)
  • TruckDocs® - for Bill of Lading Generation
  • 3rd Party / Collect Billing Module
  • IN-KCS for Address Validation and USPS Postage Application

Billing Module

Do you ship any products via Bill Recipient or Bill 3rd Party?

Our Billing Module stores recipient billing account information, including multiple carrier account numbers & their complete billing address. When a package is shipped, Clippership will search our billing database for a customer match. If a match is found, the billing method, recipient's account number & address will be automatically completed in Clippership.

This module has a high success rate for eliminating clerical errors and ensuring all your shipments are properly billed.

Requires the following:

  • Clippership - any version (see system specifications here)
  • Kewill.Integrate - any version
  • Our Bill 3rd Module


Why pay for an Express service when the carrier guarantees the same commitment time for Ground?

Our Time-in-Transit Module will compare UPS and/or FedEx Ground commitment times to the selected Express service. If the Ground commitment time is less than or equal to the selected Express service, the shipment will be automatically switched to Ground.

Immediate savings with NO effort!

Requires the following:

  • Clippership - any version (see system specifications here)
  • Kewill.Integrate - any version
  • Ground Commitment Files (provided by the carrier)
  • Our Time-in-Transit Module